Be happy today
because tomorrow will be too late.

It’s in 1928 that Tao Kerefoff, a Tcherkess gone into exile, landed in Calvi along with prince Felix Youssoupov, the guy who murdered Raspoutine. There, he falls in love with the city and it’s citadel, but also and above all with Jeanette Maestracci, “Citadellaccia” who will become the mother of his four children. In 1935, Tao Kerefoff opens “Chez Tao”, the first nightclub in Corsica, in the cellar of a XVIth century construction. This place was formerly the house of Laurent Giubega, Napoléon Bonaparte’s godfather, but also the summer residence of Sagone’s bishops. Thanks to Tao’s work, this club became a unique place where several celebrities partied all night long, and this until Tao’s death in 1973. Since then, his children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren are taking care of this magic place. Every single summer, they will make people dance, sing, and love each other, whatever their age or home country, the only rule being Tao Kerefoof’s motto : “Be happy today, because tomorrow will be too late”.